Advanced Driving - Pass Plus

Pass Plus provides extra driver training and is recognised by most leading car insurance companies who in return offer a discount on premiums.
When you have passed your driving test you will have the option to take further driver training in the form of the Pass Plus.
This course does not have a test at the end.
The course is at least 6 hours driving in one session and during your Pass Plus training you will be assessed in the following modules:
  • Town Driving 
  • All Weather Driving 
  • Out of Town Driving
  • Rural Roads 
  • Night Driving 
  • Dual Carriageways 
  • Motorways
Advanced Driving - Pass Plus
The Pass Plus qualification is backed by the DSA - Driving Standards Agency.
When you have completed the Pass Plus you may decide top go a stage further and sit the Institute of Advanced Motorists Test.
We are further qualified to instruct at that level and can advise you further.